About the Group

BT2i Group is a rapidly growing manufacturer of machining, sheet metal components, and complex mechanical assemblies. With over fifty years of manufacturing expertise we have created a manufacturing service with the highest level of quality assurance servicing the aerospace, marine, transportation, energy and mechatronic market sectors.

Our Industrial Capabilities is organised into subsidiaries articulated around recognised Skills, Expertise and Experience in the design and production of high precision critical parts and mechanical assemblies.

We believe in the cross-fertilization of a dynamic workforce of experienced employees in a Profitable environment

We adopt a collaborative management approach fostering Performance, Agility, Flexibility and Internal Group Synergies.

At BT2i we capitalize on a flexible combination of:

  • Manufacturing and System Integration Know How
  • Technical Expertise
  • Industrial and Engineering Capabilities
  • Low Cost offering

A Governance System to leverage our industrial strength:

  • Capitalize on Technical and Operational Synergies
  • Instil a strong culture of Customer Value Creation
  • Adopt Best Industrial Practices to Deliver On Time and to Cost 

Develop an International Group Culture