Composite material R&D

Composite material R&D


Rapid developments of innovative products signify the demands for structural performance and material properties. Throughout the years, the designs of structures and composite materials have drawn substantial attention in the research community due to their capability of attaining the desirable functions, where the configurations of structures and materials can be purposely designed. At BT2i Group the Nimitech Research Centre and operation provides a consulting and production service to our selective market segments 


Capabilities include

  • Review of basic composite mechanics 
  • Mechanical design criteria 
  • Failure criteria for design 
  • Composite design 
  • Principles of joining  
  • Finite-element analysis: basic principles 
  • Finite-element analysis and composite materials 
  • Design tools and product standards 
  • Processing of composite materials  
  • Manufacture of large composite structures  


  • Fatigue and delamination issues for composite materials 
  • Non-destructive evaluation for composite structures 
  • Commercial perspectives on implementing structural health monitoring: the example of optical / medical systems 
  • Composites in the civil infrastructure: the practicalities 
  • Applications of composites in aerospace 
  • Composite usage in wind and tidal turbine blades