About the Group


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In today’s industrial environment, we strongly believe that high performing organizations act as adaptive networks of agile and complementary skills and experiences. To achieve excellence requires embracing new thinking, and the adoption of improved methodologies and business approaches to better serve our customers.

Our BT2i adaptive network contributes to open-up new market opportunities through efficient access to each subsidiary capacities and capabilities while minimizing risks, optimizing global resource utilization, favoring close partnership across units and resulting in improving business performances linked to measurable financial results. This way, we focus on our needs and ability to manage projects involving several facilities, such that our full capability can be utilized for any of our customers regardless of the complexity and size of their projects.

Continuous improvement across our organization becomes a natural way of working leading to spontaneous decisions based on innovation and rationality rather than on habits and routine. We cultivate a working environment where Positive Leadership, Innovation and Creativity can flourish across borders within different cultures and industrial sectors.


Creativity, openness, knowledge sharing and collaborative work provide the solution to solve new challenges. Having a dynamic and enthusiastic workforce of experienced employees committed to continuous improvement in their daily work will make a significant difference to manage and sustain our growth, over time, and through business cycles.


Customer Centric:  we are committed to exceeding each customer’s needs. Improving our operational performance is our first priority to better position our group for the future. Our culture stems from our ability to become customer focused at all levels of the company, making judicious use of our resources, bringing fresh thinking to accelerate velocity to market, deliver on time and to cost with high standard quality expectations.

Challenge the norm and encourage innovation: adopting “fresh thinking” that creates value to our customers. This requires viewing continuous improvement as a core competency.

Spiral up to connect people and domains: Capitalize on results achieved in one area to give more momentum to initiatives taken in another one. Let’s look at successes as expanding spirals by cross-fertilizing experiences and thinking across all areas simultaneously. Spiraling-up is the way to effectively connect people from different domains.

Foster and manage continuous renewal in our day-to-day work: We anticipate our customers’ needs and help them to outperform their rivals in a profitable environment. This is why we focus on our performances to better serve our customers and make their strategy a reality in both growth and profitability.