Our aim is to make judicious use of our mechanical assembly and CNC machining expertise for complex and rough environments to address high technology, multi-faceted and sensitive activities in the Naval and Marine sectors.


  • Door mechanisms
  • Decorative panels
  • Chassis components
  • Door Hatch assemblies
  • Engine mountings
  • Control systems


Our BT2i Group strategy is to translate our successful experience in providing critical mechanical parts for systems requiring high level of availability and reliability to the energy sector


  • Onshore and offshore turbines
  • Wave and tidal energy systems
  • Power generation auxiliaries
  • Mechanical systems for pumps and fans
  • Heat Exchangers, expanders
  • Power conditioning systems
  • Drives, soft starters and excitation systems….


When it comes to complex assemblies of moving parts blended with a multidisciplinary field of engineering that includes a combination of systems engineering and mechanical engineering,  BT2i Group are here to support you by manufacturing mechanical components to the highest level of quality.


  • Actuators
  • Gear manufacture and assembly
  • Small Shafts
  • Mechanical assembly


At BT2i Group we commit ourselves to our valued customers by offering highest level of quality required in the demanding Aerospace market segment. We bring these expertise and know-how to the transportation market by offering CNC machining, precision sheet metal fabrication and galley assembly.  BT2i Group can bring enormous savings by using one supplier as a total turnkey solution. Weather you require parts at component level, kitted or more complex mechanical assemblies BT2i Group is your partner of choice.



  • Doors for trains
  • Engine components
  • Chassis
  • Hatch assemblies
  • Mechanical assembly for seats
  • Spare parts


Within the BT2i Group we have particular expertise in machining “difficult or exotic” materials such as 316L & 17-4 stainless as well as titanium.

Over the decades we have gathered detailed expertise in the manufacture of low to medium volume precision components. This competence has particular relevance to the Aerospace, Transportation, and Marine sectors.

At BT2i Group our Caromar, Simar and Cauquil subsidiaries currently concentrated on CNC machined components, precision metal fabrication, fuselage and door assemblies, critical jet engine parts.  The form of these parts would be well known across the aerospace industry with elements including Butt-Straps, Shear Ties, Rib Posts and splices, pylons as well as a wide variety of sheet metal and machined components. BT2i have wide experience machining and fabricating plastics, titanium, stainless steel, Inconel alloys and other exotic materials.


  • Jet engines fans and rotating parts
  • Aircraft Landing gear systems
  • flight control systems (military and civil aircrafts)
  • Actuators
  • Aircraft Pylons
  • Fuel valves, air induction systems
  • Hydraulic body
  • Aircraft door mechanisms
  • Fuselage
  • Dividers…


Galley assembly

In conjunction with our CNC precision machining and sheet metal capabilities BT2i provides a one supply chain solution by providing galley and cabin assemblies with shortened time to market for our customers, hence reducing total cost of ownership. BT2i offers fast turnaround repair and late configuration.



  • Advanced cabin design
  • Late configuration choice
  • Possible conversion
  • Easy repair
  • Weight saving
  • High reliability system
  • Reduced total cost of ownership


We have the capability to produce assemblies for blocker doors, access doors, interior doors, cargo doors, stowage bin struts and door handles. We also manufacture engine nacelle door assemblies. Our subsidiaries CauQuil and Caromar Group has the technology to produce most of the details for these assemblies using our substantial in-house capabilities.