Complex mechanical assemblies

At BT2i Group we complete assemblies from two components riveted together to full aerostructure mechanical door assemblies incorporating the highest level of quality assurance and reducing time to market.

Spare parts : Spare parts and obsolescence management in aeronautical and automotive sectors. Supply of complete service to sub assemblies retrofit.



  • Cockpit assembly
  • Door assemblies
  • Chassis assemblies
  • Bearing assemblies to shafts
  • kneecap setting,
  • Ball bearing sleeking
  • Engine systems
  • Landing gear
  • Technical Hatches
  • Pylons
  • Aircraft control parts


Jig & Fixture Manufacture

Our toolmaking and jig and fixture experience built up from many years of manufacturing, together with our attention to detail, means that you can rely on us for high-quality precision tooling and help with prototype development.

At BT2i Group we manufacture jigs and fixtures, using manual or CNC techniques. We design and manufacture small to large sized jigs and fixtures for assembly stations as well as fixtures for assisting customer production e.g. measurement poke yoke jigs.

Our well-equipped workshop and highly skilled staff enable us to treat every job as a package, tailoring it to the individual customers’ requirements. Many of our fixtures are utilized for the assembly and disassembly of safety-critical components in the aerospace, transportation and energy market segments.

Machining capabilities

At BT2i Group our highly specialized precision technologies feature a cellular manufacturing approach, reducing setup time and using dedicated tooling to add efficiency. This includes high-speed aluminium machining, long-bed machining, metal fabrication, and milling/turning.


BT2i Group subsidiary companies Caromar and Cauquil can machine 3-, 4-, and 5-axis large parts .


  • Bulkheads
  • Frames
  • Monolithic and extruded stringers
  • Wing components
  • Butt-Straps,
  • Rib Posts and splices,
  • Pylons
  • Landing gear
  • Door components
  • Engine parts
  • Actuator components…

Precision metal forming

Our Simair facility manufactures the highest level of precision sheet metal fabrication and this site is approved by the major OEMs within the aerospace environment. At Simair we manufacture complex sheet metal components and assemblies. We have a state of the art in-house surface treatment and painting processes. 



  • Chassis
  • Enclosures
  • Panels
  • Door components
  • Sub-assemblies
  • Air duct
  • Heat exchangers
  • Aircraft fairings
  • Pylons

Hard metal fabrication

BT2i Group subsidiary company Cauquil is a worldwide leader in the machining of hard metals with the ability to manufacture a wide range of complex components from a variety of materials. We have extensive expertise in developing customer-certified, process-intensive plans for high-strength products such as:

  • Modified steel alloys up to 300 KSI
  • Inconel, titanium alloys, other exotic alloys, and stainless steel

We are also capable of working with titanium extrusions, plates, and forgings. Our hard metals manufacturing capabilities include precision turning and complex, tight-tolerance 5-axis machining, supported by complete grinding capabilities. Our integrated supply chain gives us ultimate control over the critical hard metals machining process.



  • Jet engines fans and rotating parts
  • Aircraft Landing gear systems
  • flight control systems (military and civil aircrafts)
  • Actuators
  • Aircraft Pylons components
  • Fuel valves, air induction systems

Cabin assemblies

Galley assembly

In conjunction with our CNC precision machining and sheet metal capabilities BT2i Group provides a one supply chain solution by providing galley and cabin assemblies with shortened time to market for our customers, hence reducing total cost of ownership. BT2i Group offers fast turnaround repair and late configuration.

Customer Benefits :

- Advanced cabin design
- Late configuration choice
- Possible conversion
- Easy repair
- Weight saving
- High reliability system
- Reduced total cost of ownership

Fast making shop

At our Caromar, Simair and Cauquil facilities we have already offered our customers fast "design to manufacture services" and fast production and deliveries for small series machined parts released for prototyping, spare parts or to help our customers to answer to urgent production or test and qualification needs

Composite material R&D


Rapid developments of innovative products signify the demands for structural performance and material properties. Throughout the years, the designs of structures and composite materials have drawn substantial attention in the research community due to their capability of attaining the desirable functions, where the configurations of structures and materials can be purposely designed. At BT2i Group the Nimitech Research Centre and operation provides a consulting and production service to our selective market segments 


Capabilities include

  • Review of basic composite mechanics 
  • Mechanical design criteria 
  • Failure criteria for design 
  • Composite design 
  • Principles of joining  
  • Finite-element analysis: basic principles 
  • Finite-element analysis and composite materials 
  • Design tools and product standards 
  • Processing of composite materials  
  • Manufacture of large composite structures  


  • Fatigue and delamination issues for composite materials 
  • Non-destructive evaluation for composite structures 
  • Commercial perspectives on implementing structural health monitoring: the example of optical / medical systems 
  • Composites in the civil infrastructure: the practicalities 
  • Applications of composites in aerospace 
  • Composite usage in wind and tidal turbine blades